'I booked Natasha to whip me into shape in time for my beach holiday in Ibiza and in 8 weeks, 2-3 weekly sessions I was ready to hit the beach feeling confident that my body has changed. I remember how pleasantly surprised I was when my husband took some photos of me on the beach and I noticed a huge change in my body shape. I can't recommend Natasha enough who is very professional, highly skilled and great fun to train with. She makes each session different, she carefully listens to what I want to achieve and makes it happen. Another wonderful thing is that she fits my workouts around my busy schedule, be it an early morning or even 8pm on a Friday evening! Since my holiday I continue training with her and will continue for a long time to come.'

Kristina Gasperas








'Tash is great company and I look forward to my workouts with her. She tailors the exercises brilliantly and is very encouraging - you will push yourself but it's still fun. Lots of variety in the exercises which is great. I always have a spring in my step when we have finished.'


'I have been training with Tash for almost 3 years, both in a group class and on a 1:1 basis. She has an excellent motivational  approach, and always tailors the programme to individual requirements. Tash is extremely adept at working with clients overcoming injury - I have had a fracture and surgery and Tash devised a specialised exercise programme to work around these issues. She is great fun to train with and has endless patience!'


'After a diagnosis of osteopenia (precursor to osteoporosis) it has been important for me to do some weight and resistance training. I am so happy to have found Tash. She has been fantastic at tailoring a programme for me - adjusting it accordingly when she trains my husband and me together.

I can't recommend Tash highly enough.'

Kelly Knight Sinnott

'My Zoom sessions with Tash make me exercise that much harder, focusing on my weak points and motivating me to repeat the exercises on my own.'


'I would highly recommend Tasha to anyone. She trained me up for my first ever 5K run earlier this year. She makes training fun yet is extremely professional.'

Francesca Ferarri

'Tash's unique style of training gently but firmly pushed me to do exercises I previously thought were beyond my capabilities. She even got me running and I don't run for anyone!! After each session I felt energised, motivated, healthy and fit. I would highly recommend Tash

to anyone wanting to achieve their ideal physique through invigorating sessions.'

Mavis Howard









'Tash created a custom, in home workout plan that was perfectfor me based on what I had access to, what time I was able to spend and what my goals were, and then helped make further adjustments based on my feedback. After a few months of consistency I really started to notice some incredible changes in my body and was feeling more confident in myself almost instantly. Even after the programme came to an end I was able to learn a lot and continue to implement daily habits into my life that would keep me feeling my best! Thanks Tash!'

Kelsey Hoogstad

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