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Why Aren't I Losing Weight?!

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Most of the time eating less than you're expending will equal weightloss. However that doesn't mean it's always going to happen exactly as the textbook say's.

There are a number of different factors that make the fine tuning of this a little more difficult:

1. Let's look first at the way's in which caveat's to the standard calorie requirements for an individual may evolve. Hormone's, genetics, sleep deprivation and even which stage of a woman's cycle she's in can play a part to the body requiring a couple of hundred calories more or less, altering slightly the individuals BMR. The body is an amazing, complex and dynamic thing and it won't always react exactly how we want it to under all circumstances , however annoying this may feel.

2. There is also the fact that the calories in any one food cannot be exact as nature isn't a computer and depending on how something is grown, what it's fed, and a number of other factors can influence its nutrient value.

3. Then of course we also need to take into account that as we lose weight we will weigh less and therefore our BMR will naturally be lower (on reason why recomping can be more ideal than weightloss)

Most of the time it's going to generally be due to either no 3. or undercounting in some other way, but if you've been meticulous and you're sure your fitbit isn't overcounting your calories burned then you might want to get a blood test and look further into getting help with working out what's going on.

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