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Strength and Mobility Exercise

This is a strength and mobility exercise that depending on your level of fitness can be added to your workouts as either a warm-up/cool-down component or as part of the main body of the workout. Work on feeling each position individually first before attempting the flow. Below are some pointers to ensure good technique in each position:

Downward Dog: - Spread fingers on the floor

- Keep the sit bones high

- Feel the shoulder blades sliding down the back

- Shoulders relax away from the ears

- Upper arms rotate outwards

- When lifting one leg into three- legged dog keep both thigh bones parallel and both

hip bones facing forward

Plank: - Keep belly button drawing towards the spine

- Tuck the pelvis slightly under to prevent arching though the lower back

Side Plank: - Ensure the supporting hand is directly below the shoulder

- Engage tricep to avoid hyperextending the arm

- Firm scapulas in and down

- Feel as if your core is a corset wrapping around your torso

In all positions avoid any arching in the lower spine, keep the neck in a neutral position, core muscles drawing gently in, oh and don't forget to breath ;). If yoga isn't part of your weekly workout routine I highly recommend finding a good class. Nothing can replace a teacher helping you find each position correctly and safely to maximize benefits whilst reminding you of the importance of breathing (something I really struggle with). The opening and strengthening benefits of

mind, body and soul I get in yoga are amazing!

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