• Natasha Howard

Make Your Glutes Rock

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Glute bridges and clams - they're just for wimps right? Well actually they could be a crucial part of your workout and can prevent you from getting lower back aches and pain as well as giving you a lean and toned physique.

Unfortunately for most of us our glutes tend to be the last muscle that our bodies recruits, they are really a lazy muscle but once recruited it is a powerful source of energy and support to the body especially hips and lower back. Gluteal recruitment is made worse particularly if you spend many hours sat down and inactive. It is very important to get them moving.

The gluteus muscles are separated into gluteus maximus, medius and minimus and can stop us from overusing other muscles especially the hamstring, quadriceps and most importantly the lower back. If you practice squats or dead lifts you will train your body to activate these muscles. The movements of squats and deadlifts are natural to the body and we use them in everyday life. If you think about the act of sitting down, getting up and picking up items from the floor these muscles will act as a core stabiliser protecting your lower back from doing all the work and overloading the Lumbar spine (lower back) which could lead to all sorts of problems long term.

I personally don't spend many hours sitting but still I need to focus on my own gluteus activation as they don't fire unless I do the correct exercises. Yjus its important to incorporate both activation exercises (see below), strengthening exercises such as barbell hip thrusts, squats and lunges and mentally reminding your glutes to switch on everyday by visualizing them working whilst you walk.

My emphasis is on getting you an active and healthy. My training sessions incorporate a varied exercise program which includes glute bridges and clams into your programme could really help you and also help achieve a toned body. Not only will you help yourself in injury prevention but you will find the look of your glutes improves - Beyoncé booty here we come!

Watch the videos below for demonstrations of a glute bridge and a clam :)


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